Thursday, January 8, 2015

SQL or No SQL- Operational vs Analytical

Happy new year to you all!

Last time we discussed what is Big data and how it relates to No SQL. This time I am going to talk about two different kind of data storage and retrieval requirements: Operational and Analytical.

Operational and analytical workloads for Big Data present opposing requirements and systems have evolved to address their particular demands separately and in very different ways. Operational workloads are supposed to be highly concurrent, low latency, very selective. While analytical workloads are query intensive looking at a huge data set. 
No SQL DBs mainly help on operational side of the spectrum.

Operational vs Analytical overview

Latency 1 ms - 100 ms 1 min - 100 min
Concurrency 1000 - 100,000 1 to 10
Access Pattern Writes and Reads Reads
Queries Selective Unselective
Data Scope Operational Retrospective
End User Customer Data Scientist
Technology NoSQL MapReduce, MPP Database

Next post I will try to conclude the SQL-  NO SQL  topic


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