Wednesday, April 1, 2015

7 habits of leaders

My son is in second grade and his school is really focused on building leaders of tomorrow, they want kids to really learn the good habits of leader.
When I saw the principles of the leadership, I was first surprised as to how such a complex and subjective topic can be an education goal at such level but when I saw what it was and how it was told to them I was pleasantly surprised. I actually liked the idea and the foundation it would put in my son's mind. All those principles sounded very relevant and to be used by adults in their life as well and I see some of the principles not even followed by matured adults including me some times.

Here are the 7 habits he is being taught.

Habit 1 — Be Proactive You're in Charge

Habit 2 — Begin with the End in Mind Have a Plan

Habit 3 — Put First Things First Work First, Then Play

Habit 4 — Think Win-Win Everyone Can Win

Habit 5 — Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood Listen Before You Talk

Habit 6 — Synergize Together Is Better

Habit 7 — Sharpen The Saw Balance Feels Best

So as I see these are lifelong habits he need to cultivate and would help him all his life both personally and professionally.

Even I also try to keep them in mind all the time.