Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Options of using CDNs while keeping assets in AWS S3

When you develop a public facing portal or webpage its always a good idea to keep your static assets such as js, css, jpg files in a CDN(Content Distribution Network). The advantages of CDNs are that they provide fast response time for these assets by caching them and then distributing them across the edge servers. The edge servers are usually globally distributed and are usually closer to user's devices which reduces the latency.
If you use AWS (Amazon Web Services) S3 to store your static content then their are multiple options for you to pick CDNs. The first and most obvious one is to go with AWS Cloud front which is AWS's CDN and is easy to integrate with S3. It also provides authentication and distribution control using Origin Identity.
If for some reason you cant use Cloudfront then the other option is to use Akamai kind of CDN. You can still use S3 and point Akamai to the S3.