Friday, December 12, 2014

SQL or No SQL- Big Data angle

Continuing from my previous post lets look at what is big data and how modern No SQL DBs help in capturing this data.
Big data as name suggests is vast amount of data, Data which is measured in TBs or PBs. With the cost of storage and network drastically reduced over past few years and expansion of cloud has helped companies to capture as much data as they can. The new paradigm is "Just collect it" which means just gather any and all kinds of data we will figure out later how to slice and dice it and how to use it for analysis.  This 'just collect it' principal is also a factor in driving No SQL dbs as most of this data is un-structured or semi structured like raw text in form of tweets, user comments or data like log files etc.
The three important aspect in fulfilling the business needs of  big data is Volume(Amount of data), Velocity(speed of storing and retrieving) and Variety(types of structured, unstructured data).
Business needs for big data can broadly be classified into two: Operational and Analytical

I will talk about more in detail about how these two needs are solved by technology products and how NO SQL helps in next post.

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