Sunday, January 25, 2015

SQL vs NO SQL ... Concluded

In this concluding post of SQL vs No SQL technologies I would like to call out various No SQL technologies available in the market place today. I would not go in to SQL as this has been well established and well understood theme. I would also conclude with some use cases of picking up No SQL over SQL or vice-versa.

The three most common operational No SQL db which are used today are Mongo DB, Cassandra and Couch DB. There are a lot more No SQL dbs available and I would point the readers to following link by Kristof Kovacs who does a pretty good job of outlining them for reading and understanding all of them in detail instead of trying to repeat it here.

Regarding some specific use cases of No SQL vs SQL, I think No SQL with all its advantages as outlined in previous posts addresses most of use cases for general use and in my opinion is prefered over SQL technologies. But there are some very specific uses cases and industries where traditional DBs are still preferred. One such use case is around heavy transactional applications such as banking or financial transaction applications. The ACID properties of SQL dbs as discussed in my previous post is very important to such applications and the out of box 2 phase commit protocol and rollback makes SQL stand out. But as I said most of other use cases can be addressed better by No SQL dbs.

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