Thursday, October 2, 2014

The next big thing(s)

There are lot of trends in the technology space but three stands out so far which may be the next big thing(s).
Wait for it !
Here is my list

1) Big Data or just DATA: This one is obvious, but I believe it is still at its infancy or may be in its toddler years. Data was always there and anything or everything is data.  e.g., our heartbeat, our pulse count, food we ate today, or miles we drove today, all this is data which can be stored, crunched and analyzed. For the first time in history we have the power to store, compute and analyze and make deductions out of this data.

2) Virtual Reality: Lot of action in this space by companies like Google, Facebook, Apple and that seems to be one of the next big thing in experience.

3) Internet Of Things:  All the wearable, smart-watches, connected to each other, It seems Bill gates prophecy  may finally be coming to reality with Business @ the Speed of Thought

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