Monday, October 20, 2014

Five basic and fundamental SEO tips as Google recommends and wants it

Here are five basic tips which I use for all my websites and they are SEO 101 tips recommended by Google
  1. Define a good title on your website which reflects the website's  nature and content: This is what google uses to put as heading in its search result display. e.g. for   <title>Relevant and intelligently picked daily technology news and articles. It cuts the noise and shows most relevant news item in the tech world. </title>
  2. Use good and relevant domain name and keep your url structures also user readable with descriptive text. e.g.
  3. Use meta tags as good description on your site. Google uses this tag to show detail about your site in its search result list e.g <meta name="description" content="Technology, News, Landscape, hand picked and relevant daily technology news, news about startups, daily technical landscape">
  4. If possible prepare sitemap for your site and keep the site structure simple and easy to understand for googlebot to navigate and crawl
  5. Final and the most important basic concept. Keep your site with good, relevant content and keep it updated and manage it actively.

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